Spring til indhold


The Trade Councils tilstedeværelse i Ukraine gør det muligt at overvåge enkelte sektorer nøje og indsamle materiale fra lokale organisationer og aktører. På baggrund heraf udarbejder Handelsafdelingen på Ambassaden i Kiev sektoranalyser med de mest relevante og opdaterede informationer til brug for Dem og Deres virksomhed.

Såfremt De og Deres virksomhed måtte have ønske om overvågning eller analyse af andre sektorer end dem offentliggjort her på siden, beder vi Dem kontakte os for et tilbud.

Nedenfor kan De finde engelske resumeer af de nyeste sektoranalyser. For de komplette sektoranalyser kan De følge linket til alle The Trade Councils sektoranalyser i højre side af siden.

Building & Construction

Sector: Building & Construction
Prepared by the Danish Embassy in Kiev

The Ukrainian market for products to the sector of building, construction and infrastructure is recovering and opportunities will be appearing also in connection with the upcoming European Cup in 2012. The private sector sector’s main construction companies are often reached through importers and distributors. And the household consumers are often reached though the DIY markets that are expanding in both number of chains and number of their outlets.


The market for electronics & ICT

Sector: Electronics & ICT
Prepared by Trade Council in Kiev

The Ukrainian market for Electronics & ICT still has potential, however there are difficulties due to a lack of finance. The Danish input in this sector is primarily within IT outsourcing due to the availability of highly skilled programmers costing far less than in Denmark. With Ukraine being only 2hrs away from Denmark this sector is attracting both large and small companies.


The market for energy and environment

Sector: Energy and Environment
Prepared by Trade Council, Kyiv

Ukraine needs to optimize and improve its use of energy as well as pay more attention to the environment. For Danish companies the best opportunities are presently within energy optimization and green energy more than environment solutions.


Food Products & Agriculture

Sector: Food Products & Agriculture
Prepared by the Trade Council in Kiev

Ukraine is one of the main producers of grain and a market where Denmark has strong branding when it comes to machinery and knowhow for  the agricultrural sector. Opportunities exist in this sector due to an interest in investing into more infrastructure and technology in order to explore the potential for grain and meat production.
Ukraine is an importer of many food products and the variety demanded by consumers can only be met by imports of foreign products sold in the many new supermarket chains.


Furniture, Clothing & Design

Sector: Furniture, Clothing & Design
Prepared by Kiev

The Ukrainian market consists of 46 million consumers of which 10% are considered middle class. This segment is the main group for Dansih brands within furniture, clothing and other design such as applied arts. Ukraine imports most of the products and the home production is mainly for export and are part of foreign outsourcing.


The health care market in Ukraine

Sector: Health
Prepared by the Trade Council, Kyiv

The Ukrainian market for pharmaceuticals has potential due to the fact that Ukraine is a country of 46 million people and because that most products are imported in a country with very little diversity in home production and industry. Danish companies are represented and the main target group is the private medical sector. The public sector is still underfinanced. So for the time being the main target market is the many pharmacy stores and pharmacy kiosks and the many private medical clinics.


Sub-supplier & Outsourcing

Prepared by Kiev

Ukraine has for years been an important market for outsourcing production of more manual productions. Also this market can offer a good choice when finding sub-suppliers. Ukraine has been a Danish production platform for more than 15 years within textile, wood and metal processing and continues to do so. The same goes for IT outsourcing which Danish companies have done for more than 10 years with success. Therefore a good Danish network exists and new coming companies can get a good start.




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