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Compulsory Travel medical Insurance for Schengen

The following conditions has since 31 March 2008 applied for travel medical insurance (TMI) for all visitors to Schengen area – unless granted “no insurance required”.

Conditions and regulations

Since July the 1st 2004 everyone travelling into the Schengen area on a C (short stay - up to 90 days) visa must have a valid travel medical insurance (TMI) for the whole duration of the stay and the validity period of the visa.

  • The travel medical insurance must be valid in all Schengen countries and for the whole duration of the stay (number of days the applicant intends to spend in Schengen) plus an additional period of 15 days.
  • The travel medical insurance must cover a minimum of Euro 30.000 for urgent medical treatment, emergency admission to hospital and repatriation for medical reasons of the insured person(s)
  • The travel medical insurance should be purchased in the applicant’s home country/ country of residence (Ukraine, Armenia or Georgia). As for Ukraine only companies on this list will be accepted.
  • If the applicant is covered by the medical-/company-/family insurance of the reference/inviting party, it is the responsibility of the applicant to prove that the insurance covers the requirements of the Schengen regulations.
  • The insurance company must have a re-imbursement agreement with an international insurance company in the Schengen territory.
  • The travel medical insurance + one copy must be submitted together with the application for a visa.
  • The applicant is advised to ensure that the fee will be refunded in case the visa application is refused by the Embassy, partly refused (applicant granted less than applied for), or in the case the decision is delayed.
  • In the case of a Multiple Schengen Visa: Applicants who are granted a multiple visa must only present insurance for the first trip and sign a statement that they must be in possession of TMI for subsequent entries and may be refused entry at the border in case they do not have a valid TMI.

The applicant must present a valid insurance certificate together with a copy. Copies of documents verifying the ordering of a medical insurance are not accepted.

TMI bought through a credit card company, i.e. when buying a ticket, is not accepted.

Spouses, children or parents of a EU or EEA-citizen are exempt from TMI. Please provide with documentation that children and parents are economically dependent on the EU or EEA-citizen).

NB! Family members of Danish citizens have to produce a travel medical insurance.

Any legally registered Ukrainian insurance company, which meets the abovementioned criteria, may apply for registration on the Schengen list of approved companies.

For the security and interest of Ukrainian visitors, insurance companies, which fail to comply with occurred medical expenses, will be revoked registration from the official list of registered and accepted providers of TMI.