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Denmark and UNDP are teaming up to support peace and stabilization in eastern Ukraine through support for governance reforms

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Denmark and UNDP are teaming up to support peace and stabilization in eastern Ukraine through support for governance reforms

Kyiv, 4 October 2018 – The Government of Denmark will contribute US$9.2 million to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Ukraine on a cost-sharing basis. The contribution is the start of a new phase of enhanced cooperation through implementation of a new project entitled “Good governance and citizen’s engagement for justice, security, environmental protection and social cohesion in eastern Ukraine, 2018-2021”. 

In the framework of the Government Priority Action Plan to 2020, this project is designed to ensure that civil society and civic organizations have a stronger impact on reform processes in affected areas, and contribute to more inclusive, democratic and rights-based governance, through enhanced capacity, better coordination and networking.

Ukraine is continuing to face substantial socio-economic challenges as a result of the conflict in eastern Ukraine, the economic crisis and systemic inefficiencies in governance. These can only be overcome by job creation, poverty alleviation, anti-corruption measures, law enforcement and judicial reform, and the promotion of human rights.

In this context, UNDP is supporting the Government of Ukraine to effectively implement its governance reforms. With financial assistance from Denmark for this project, UNDP will be able to accelerate the empowerment of civil organizations and local governance bodies in eastern Ukraine that are advocating for human rights and ensuring that all citizens of the country can enjoy their fundamental rights, have access to justice, and participate meaningfully in decision-making.
Ambassador of Denmark in Ukraine, Ruben Madsen said: “Denmark and Europe have a strong interest in supporting a successful and prosperous Ukraine. Delivering better services and security to the citizens of the conflict affected areas of eastern Ukraine is key, and we are confident that this new project will contribute towards this objective.”

“Adequately resourced local governments with stronger links to civil society will make better decisions for the country as a whole.’’ said Janthomas Hiemstra, UNDP Ukraine Country Director. “The funds generously provided by Denmark will help to meet the need, as expressed by Ukraine’s people, for real governance reform that provides tangible benefits for citizens.”

UNDP and the Government of Denmark are continuing their long-term partnership in the areas of civil society development and human rights, and have expanded their support for democratic governance. Both parties intend to further strengthen their cooperation and to implement activities that are consistent with and supportive of UNDP’s mandate and Strategic Plan in Ukraine, including promoting the implementation of Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals.



Photo Credit: UNDP Ukraine / Andrey Krepkih