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Launch of initiative on Economic Empowerment of Women

23.04.2021  11:21
ILO UNDP Inititative

International Labour Organization and UNDP Ukraine have launched a joint initiative supported by the Government of Denmark aimed at economic empowerment of women as a response to COVID-19 crisis in Ukraine. The project seeks to provide better labour opportunities for women, specifically targeting vulnerable groups.

According to the research recently conducted in Ukraine by UNDP in collaboration with UN Women and UN Food and Agriculture Organization, COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionally affected Ukrainian women. Besides, while gender equality in Ukraine is slowly improving, women’s income remains lower than that of men. Only 60% of Ukrainian women are currently employed, as compared to 70% of men. Only about 1% of Ukrainian employers are women, compared to about 15% in the EU. 

All these factors call for a stronger institutional framework, promotion of women’s empowerment and increasing women’s business adaptivity. 

With this in mind, the ILO and UNDP are launching their 8-month pilot initiative in two regions of Ukraine, Rivne and Sumy. The project will focus on inclusive policy dialogue, enabling the local business environment, strengthening business membership organizations and improving entrepreneurship skills and advisory support to women-led micro and small businesses. 

Stay tuned for an open call on the ILO and UNDP resources!

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