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Danish involvement in Ukraine Reform Conference 2020

20.11.2020  08:17

As part of the Forum “The Dialogues About Reforms” within Ukraine Reform Conference, Ambassador Ole E. Mikkelsen took part in the discussion panel “Anti-corruption policy”. In this speech, he presented the Danish vision on challenges, results, and priorities in reforms implementation in Ukraine.

The Ambassador underlined that “the anti-corruption initiative is the flagship and by far the biggest component in our Neighbourhood programme in Ukraine.. He also touched upon the present challenges for the anti-corruption institutions  in Ukraine and said: “Today, Ukraine is at a dramatic turning point. The steps that Ukraine and its political institutions will take in the days and weeks to come will determine the future of Ukraine’s reforms, and thus the future of Ukraine.  The good news is that there is still time to do what is necessary to bring the anti-corruption policy back on track.”

Ukraine Reform Conference is an annual international event dedicated to the expert discussion of reform progress in Ukraine. The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs are through Danida proud co-sponsors of the conference. It was launched by the Ukrainian government in 2017, and serves as a platform that brings together Ukrainian and foreign officials, civil society and business representatives, and international partners to discuss Ukraine’s reform progress and priorities.

The 2020 edition of Ukraine Reform Conference touches upon a long list of reform subjects, including European Integration, Decentralization, Constitutional and Parliamentary reforms, and Anti-Corruption among many others. The online forum “The Dialogues About Reforms: on the Road to Vilnius” is organized within preparation for the Ukraine Reform Conference, which will be held in 2021 in Vilnius. 

The full version of the Ambassador’s speech can be found via the link.