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As COVID-19 crisis continues, solidarity and experience sharing become as critical as ever

26.06.2020  09:57

Denmark was one of the countries that came out of the quarantine back in mid-April. With this in mind, the Denmark-supported programme #ULEAD with Europe organised a video-conference with Mr. John Braedder, the mayor of Guldborgsund Municipality in Denmark. During the event about 100 mayors from Ukrainian municipalities heard about and discussed Danish best practices of COVID-19 response on the local level.
"I believe Guldborgsund Municipality has an important knowledge to share. The significance of having a General Emergency Plan, establishing a strong crisis management organisation with a political mandate and maintaining regular communication within our own administration and with the citizens are hard to overestimate. I am proud that even though Denmark was closed and all our public staff without critical tasks were sent home, nearly every staff were still able to fulfil their jobs and keep the municipal functioning," mayor Braedder said.
The mayor emphasised that international cooperation established by Guldborgsund Municipality and its foreign counterparts has been on-going before the pandemic. This cooperation focuses on the community's core public services, such as schools, labour market, health, elder care and public transport, as well as local development agenda, including quality education, tourism, rural and business development.
Guldborgsund has also built intensive international cooperation in the green-tech transition, including in energy, waste management and public transport sectors, combining job creation with better use of resources and energy. Notably, these projects involve Danish and international universities, local businesses and youth.

John Braedder and his team continue working to expand Guldborgsund Municipality's international partnerships. The mayor believes that Guldborgsund's participation in the U-LEAD network will be an inspiring opportunity to exchange its knowledge and experience with emerging Ukrainian communities.