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FAQ - travelling to Denmark from Ukraine

1. Can I enter Denmark during COVID-19?

In order to cross the border for non-Danish citizens arriving in Denmark, they will have to have a “worthy purpose” for entering Denmark. Please check the list of worthy purposes every time you are planning a trip and as well closer to your departure. Read more on the joint website of the Danish Authorities here or contact the Danish Police Arrival Hotline at +45 70206044

2. Which documents do I need to present in order to travel to Denmark?

The detailed lists of documents for each category of citizens who are entitled to enter Denmark during COVID-19 quarantine rules can be found on the joint website of the Danish Authorities. Click to unfold your category for more information.  

3. Should I take a COVID-19 test before entering Denmark?

As of 7 February the Danish government has presented new entry requirements on testing and isolation applicable to all travelers entering Denmark (incl. Danish nationals). Read more on the Joint Website of the Danish Authorities.

From 9 January 2021, the Danish government have imposed a flight ban on transportation of passengers from the entire world who are unable to present a negative COVID-19 test. The flight ban entered into force 9 January 2021 at 5pm and lasts until and including 20 April 2021.

Thus, you must present proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken no more than 24 hours before entry/boarding the plane. On this page you will find information about rules and required documents. 

Children under the age of 12 will be excluded from the test requirement. 

There will be no restrictions on cargo flights.

 Passengers flying to Denmark from Greenland and the Faroe Islands are also exempted.

It should be noted that the test requirement also applies to Danish nationals and residents of Denmark.

Please be informed that an exception has been made from the flight ban for persons, who have been infected with COVID-19 within the past 12 weeks. A positive test, which is at least 14 days and a maximum of 12 weeks old, is equated with a negative test and gives access to flying.

Furthermore, passengers who fly to Denmark via transit at one or more airports can either 1) take a test no more than 24 hours before boarding the first flight or 2) take a test during the journey at a transit airport. Please find the list here: Testmuligheder i større transitlufthavne ( in Danish only 

4. What kind of certificate for negative COVID-19 test should I present on the border?

The police will check the proof of a negative COVID-19 test of the person who wants to enter Denmark at the border. The police only accepts test certificates in the Scandinavian languages, German, English, French, Spanish or Italian. The name of the tested person, the time of the test and the name of the issuer of the certificate must clearly appear from the certificate. The test must not be inconclusive (inconclusive means that the test did not provide a clear result or that the analysis was void). Both PCR tests and antigen tests are accepted in connection with entry into Denmark whereas antibody tests do not meet the requirement. The police will refuse entry if there is any doubt about the validity of test certificate.

The police recommends that travellers bring the relevant documentation in physical form – in case the digital device is running out of power or the screen is broken just before the border control. 

Please follow the updates on joint website of the Danish Authorities.

5. Persons in transit

Persons in transit are required to present proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken no more than 24 hours before entering Denmark. If you are in an airport transit via DK and you do not leave the transit area, it is not required that you present a negative COVID-19. See the information here.

6. May I enter Denmark having an invitation letter from my employer in Denmark? Is the invitation letter authentic?

Please find the regulations on entry to Denmark at the joint website of the Danish Authorities.
The Embassy was informed that recently that several Ukrainians were offered jobs in Denmark, which then turned out to be fraud. Please follow the Embassy's instructions here.

Information regarding the application for residence and work permits in Denmark is available in a section How to apply for a residence/work permit   and as well at the web pages New to Denmark ( and Denmark visa information in Ukraine - Home Page (

Please be aware that due to the COVID-19 situation, SIRI (Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration) has announced that they temporarily stop issuing certain types of work and residence permit. More information may be found here (in English or Danish). The embassy fee (DKK 1455) is processed as follows:

- Applications which have not yet been sent to SIRI: Should be refunded to the applicant. 
- Applications sent to SIRI: Should not be refunded as the services done by the MFA at this point are about to complete.
- Applications sent from 3 February: Should not be refunded as applicants have been made aware of the regulation and the entry restrictions for the mentioned purposes.

If you have further questions regarding the above processing of the applications please contact SIRI, via New to Denmark (

7. Can the Danish Embassy issue a permit to enter Denmark?

No, the Embassy cannot issue a permit to enter Denmark, as the decision for allowing or denying entry is taken by the Danish Police. Previously, the Embassy was issuing statements confirming worthy purposes of entering Denmark based on the information in the Danish Police webpage. Starting from June 15 the Embassy no longer issues such statements.  

8. What do I need to board the plane?

Please contact the air company you are travelling with for more information. The documentation needed for entering Denmark is described above.

9.  Does Ukraine allow Ukrainian citizens to travel?

According to the latest information Ukraine has opened international flight connections and allows Ukrainian citizens to travel abroad. For any questions regarding travel from Ukraine please contact the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, Ukrainian Foreign Ministry or The Embassy  of Ukraine in Denmark