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FAQ - travelling to Denmark from Ukraine

1. Can the Danish Embassy issue a permit to enter Denmark?

No, the Embassy cannot issue a permit to enter Denmark, as the decision for allowing or denying entry is taken by the Danish Police. Previously, the Embassy was issuing statements confirming worthy purposes of entering Denmark based on the information in the Danish Police webpage Starting from June 15 the Embassy no longer issues such statements 

2. Can I enter Denmark during COVID 19?

In order to cross the border for foreigners arriving in Denmark, they will have to have a “worthy purpose” for entering Denmark. If you have questions regarding worthy purposes you should consult the Danish Police webpage or call Danish police’s hotline +45 7020 6044.

3. Which documents do I need to present in order to travel to Denmark?

The detailed lists of documents for each category of citizens who are entitled to enter Denmark during COVID 19 quarantine rules can be found on the Danish Police webpage Click to unfold your category for more information.  

4. What do I need to board the plane?

Please contact the air company you are travelling with for more information. The documentation needed for entering Denmark is described above.

5.  Does Ukraine allow Ukrainian citizens to travel?

According to the latest information Ukraine has opened international flight connections and allows Ukrainian citizens to travel abroad. For any questions regarding travel from Ukraine please contact the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, Ukrainian Foreign Ministry or The Embassy  of Ukraine in Denmark