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General information about the application process

What to apply for?

You can apply for a residence or work permit for the following types of stay in Denmark:

  • Work
  • Practice/Internship
  • Studies
  • Au pair
  • Family reunification.

Where and how to apply?

All applications for visa, residence and work permits are to be submitted through VFS' Visa Application Center.

Application forms and additional required forms are available at the website of Danish Immigration Service (English).


Who can apply?

Everyone is entitled to apply for a residence and work permit.  Supporting relevant documentation will normally be beneficial for the application. Incomplete applications might lead to a refusal. 

The applicant is required to file the application in person at the Visa Application Center.

If you ask a third party is to collect your passport with residence permit sticker, please read about the authorization procedure.


When to expect a decision?

Applications for residence permits will always be forwarded to the Danish Immigration Service (DIS) for decision. The decision of the Immigration Service can normally be expected in one to twelve months, depending on the type of application.



Please see here for the overview of consular fees.

Furthermore in some cases a fee is to be paid to the Danish Immigration Service prior to applying. For more information please click here.  Please make sure to pay the EXACT amount stated in Euro to the Danish Immgration Service.

Please, kindly note, that the service fee will be changed from 01.01.2014. You should also pay attention, that it is the date on which the application is submitted, which decides the amount of the case processing fee. If an applicant pays the fee before 1 January 2014, but submits his application after 1 January 2014, the applicant will have paid less than the required fee, and the application will be rejected.

Enquiries about the status of the application etc.

Enquiries about applications sent to DIS should be directed to the Danish Immigration Service, not to the Embassy.

Danish Immigration Service
Ryesgade 53
DK - 2100 Copenhagen Ø
Telephone: + 45 3536 6600 (switchboard)
Telefax: + 45 3536 1916


Private agents

Please note that the Embassy and VFS do not recommend using any kind of private agents offering assistance to the applicants. This does especially apply to agents offering such services at the Visa APplication Center and Embassy’s entrance.