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about us

who are we, and what do we do?

The Danish Embassy in Kyiv seeks to promote Danish interests and strengthen relations with Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia. We solve this task, both by acting as sparring partners for the Danish Foreign Ministry and the Danish companies in Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia, but also by being available to Danish citizens residing in the three countries. Moreover, we provide service to the Ukrainians, Georgians and Armenians, who want to travel to Denmark.

Consular work

The Danish Embassy in Kyiv represents the public sector in Denmark and is therefore available to Danish nationals who are in Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia. We issue new passports and driver's licenses and assist with other consular services. If Danes need assistance during their stay in the three countries, we can help and give advice.
One of the biggest tasks we perform here at the Embassy is the processing of visa applications. We take pride in providing a friendly, professional and accurate service to our visa customers. Our collaboration with Visa centers that receive applications in the five cities Dnipropetrovsk, Kyiv, L'viv, Odessa and Khrakiv, increases the service level for our visa customers and allows us to process applications quickly. Every year we receive around 7,500 applications for short stays, Schengen visa, to Denmark - especially in the months from May to August and before Christmas the pressure is high. Applications for Schengen visas are processed within 10 days unless we submit them to the Immigration Service. At the Embassy we do not process applications for long stays such as work and residence permits but we send them directly to the Immigration Service.

Trade and export

Ukraine is a country of growing interest for Danish industry, as evidenced by the growing number of Danish companies that are considering establishing themselves in the country. Production and wages are lower than in Denmark, while the workforce is of high quality. We prioritize the support for this this development highly. On the Danish Embassy, we are available for Danish companies – we share the experience and expertise that we possess by virtue of our presence and commitment to Ukraine. Although Ukraine is a country with great potential for Danish companies, the development and the interest in investing in Ukraine are burdened by corruption and bureaucracy. These are challenges that we can help Danish companies in Ukraine to handle and overcome.

Development assistance

The three countries with stress on Ukraine is of increasing political interest for both Denmark and the EU. Ukraine is among the largest countries in Europe with many natural and human resources. Ukraine, bordering the European Union, is an interesting and important neighbor of the EU, and stable relationships are of great value to the member states.
The Danish Foreign Ministry organizes and supports through the Neighbourhood Programme projects in Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia, which aim to promote the countries' reform processes and democratic development, and strengthen their relations with Denmark. At the embassy, we contribute to these projects by participating in meetings between the parties involved and by keeping us updated on the economic and political development in the three countries. We can thus represent the Danish Foreign Ministry in Ukraine and provide the relevant knowledge to the Danish Foreign Ministry, which we obtain by virtue of our presence in Ukraine.

Two Danish staff members are working on the Danish Embassy in Kyiv along with 15 local employees and two interns. The working language at the Embassy is English, but it is always possible to get to speak with a staff member in Danish, Ukrainian, Russian or English. If you have questions, that you cannot find the answers for on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us.