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about us

The Embassy is open for personal contact by appointment only. Our contact information is [email protected] and +38 044 200 12 60.

It is possible to obtain consular assistance. Outside the embassy's opening hours, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' global watch center can be contacted 24/7 at [email protected] or +45 33 92 11 12.

who are we, and what do we do?

The Danish Embassy in Kyiv seeks to promote Danish interests and strengthen relations with Ukraine. We solve this task, both by acting as a go-between, connecting Danish and Ukrainian government institutions and assisting Danish citizens and companies in Ukraine.

Consular work

The Danish Embassy in Kyiv assists Danish citizens, business travelers and tourists with various consular services; including issuance of emergency passports etc. Please, however, note that the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs presently advices against trips to Ukraine due to risks caused by the ongoing Russian invasion.

Trade and export

Before the Russian invasion February 24, 2022 Ukraine was a country of growing interest for Danish industry, as evidenced by the many Danish companies that are established in many parts of the country. Production and wages are lower than in Denmark, while the workforce is of high quality. Ukraine thus offers opportunities both as a production base as well as a market for Danish strongholds such as food, pharma/med tech, energy efficiency etc. Obviously, the Russian invasion has changed the dynamics, but a lot of Danish companies report that they have returned to Ukraine and are able to continue their business in the Central and Western regions of the country.

At the Danish Embassy, we are available for Danish companies – we share the experience and expertise that we possess by virtue of our presence and commitment to Ukraine.

Development assistance

Ukraine is of increasing political interest for both Denmark and the EU. Ukraine has recently been awarded EU candidate status and Denmark supports Ukraine's bid for full EU membership.

The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs organizes and supports - through the so-called Neighbourhood Programme - development projects in Ukraine, which aim to promote the countries' democratic institutions., and also offers support in other areas such as promoting renewable energy, energy efficiency solutions etc. At the embassy, we contribute to these projects by participating in meetings between the parties involved and by keeping updated on the economic and political development in Ukraine. We thus provide the relevant knowledge to the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which we obtain by virtue of our presence in Ukraine.

The working language at the Embassy is English, but it is always possible to get to speak with a staff member in Danish, Ukrainian, Russian or English. If you have questions, that you cannot find the answers for on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us.