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Trade council

Welcome to the Trade Department at the Danish Embassy in Kyiv! 
Jointly with the Trade Council we can assist you with doing business in Ukraine and provide information about Ukraine as a market.
The promotion of trade between Ukraine and Denmark is the responsibility of the commercial departments of the Royal Danish Embassy in Kyiv. Being on the ground here we are in a good position to actively assist Danish exporters of goods and services in their marketing and sales efforts in Ukraine, and to provide leads to Ukraine importers looking for Danish suppliers.
Danish companies without previous export experience can receive helpful advice on how to tackle world markets from The Trade Council.

Why Ukraine?
There are several reasons to do business in Ukraine or to use the market as part of a company's internationalization. Here are listed the most important:

An unsaturated market; Ukraine produces few good durables - generally only few good quality products. Also, the country produces only very few niche products, which is where Danish companies are strong. The market volume is 46 million consumers.

The Ukrainian economy is an economy in growth, which is driven by a very favourable agricultural sector, exports of steel and domestic consumption. Here is an opportunity to gain a greater market share than in the more "established economies".

The potential for the total output of the agricultural sector is enormous. Utilizing the full potential of the agricultural sector in Ukraine requires equipment and technology. Ukrainian-made equipment is cheaper but of lower quality; Danish exporters of knowledge and equipment has traditionally done well within this field.

Outsourcing of production: good and cheap labour close to the EU. A skilled sewing machinist costs the employer DKK 2500, which is approximately half the price for doing the same job in Poland for example. Good Danish experience and a good Danish network.

Outsourcing of IT: Many talented programmers, very good Danish experience and a good Danish network within the sector.