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Framework conditions and barriers

Bureaucracy and Customs

A serious barrier to the market for Danish exporters to Ukraine is the heavy bureaucracy involving Ukrainian certification of products and a heavy custom system. Economic reforms are now top priority of the political agenda in Ukraine and deregulation is a key element. Therefore there is hope that the future will bring fewer barriers for Danish exporters and investors.

Via the following link it is possible to look up the customs duty and find useful information about import regulations, e.g. documentation requirements:

Corruption Risk

Corruption can pose a serious barrier to trade and is making Danish companies lose orders in foreign markets. The focus on corruption and the requirements that companies are met with in this field are increasing rapidly these years. Hence, the Embassy offers counselling and simple tools to avoid corruption and reduce risks associated with investments in high-risk countries.

You can find further information about how companies can avoid corruption on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ anti-corruption portal. The special report on Ukraine may be found here.

You can find information on laws and guidelines on corruption from the Ministry of Justice at

More information on trade barriers

At the homepage of The Trade Council you can read more general information on trade barriers.