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Second Steering Committee Meeting

On 3 July 2023, Denmark announced the Danish Ukraine Fund's Reconstruction Package I, a civil support package amounting to DKK 615 million for Ukraine. 
The funds will be used to initiate the reconstruction of schools, hospitals, health clinics, bomb shelters, water, heating, and energy supply, as well as support for the population in the war-torn areas, focusing on the region and the city of Mykolaiv. The purpose of the package is to address the urgent needs of Ukrainians who have remained in the country during the war and to create an opportunity for the many displaced individuals to return home. This package encompassed support of the essential water infrastructure damaged as a result of the on-going war; rehabilitation and expansion of the water distribution network in Mykolaiv City; rehabilitation of up to three micro-districts in Mykolaiv, which includes Arkas gymnasium and bomb shelters; the rehabilitation of CHP (Combined heat and power) in Mykolaiv city; and the establishment of Mykolaiv Recovery Office.