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FAQ - travelling to Denmark from Ukraine

1. Can I enter Denmark during COVID-19?

The Embassy does not reply the questions regarding entry into Denmark. The information about entry restrictions in Denmark can be found on the joint website of the Danish Authorities 

Citizens of Ukraine can also address the questions regarding the rules of entry into Denmark to the Ukrainian Embassy in Denmark

2. Which documents do I need to present in order to travel to Denmark?

The list of documents for the citizens can be found on the joint website of the Danish Authorities. 

The police recommends that travellers bring the relevant documentation in physical form – in case the digital device is running out of power or the screen is broken just before the border control. 
General information on visa-free travel to Denmark is given on the website of the Danish Immigration Service 

3. What are the entry rules when travelling to Denmark (test types, vaccination,  isolation, etc)?

New rules for entry into Denmark are to be introduced from 27 December 2021. The Danish travel restrictions may change before you arrive or during your stay. Please keep yourself updated using the travel guide regarding vaccination, testing and isolation. 

4. Persons in transit

The applicable guidelines for the persons can be found here.

5. May I enter Denmark having an invitation letter from my employer in Denmark? Is the invitation letter authentic?

Please find the regulations on entry to Denmark on the joint website of the Danish Authorities.
The Embassy was informed that recently several Ukrainians were offered jobs in Denmark, which then turned out to be fraud. Please follow the Embassy's instructions here.

Information regarding the application for residence and work permits in Denmark is available in a section How to apply for a residence/work permit   and as well on the web pages New to Denmark ( and Denmark visa information in Ukraine - Home Page (

If you have further questions regarding the above processing of the applications please contact SIRI, via New to Denmark (

6. Can the Danish Embassy issue a permit to enter Denmark?

No, the Embassy cannot issue a permit to enter Denmark, as the decision for allowing or denying entry is taken by the Danish Police. Previously, the Embassy was issuing statements confirming worthy purposes of entering Denmark based on the information in the Danish Police webpage. The Embassy no longer issues such statements.  

7. What do I need to board the plane?

Please contact the air company you are travelling with for more information. The documentation needed for entering Denmark is described above and here.

8.  Does Ukraine allow Ukrainian citizens to travel?

For any questions regarding travel from Ukraine please contact the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, Ukrainian Foreign Ministry or The Embassy  of Ukraine in Denmark

9. May I get a re-entry permit at the Danish Embassy in Ukraine?

The Danish Embassy in Ukraine does not issue re-entry permits to Ukrainian citizens with biometric passports, since they are exempt from the visa requirements. Please read the information here New to Denmark (

10.  Is it possible to endorse with an Apostille the document issued in Denmark at the Danish Embassy in Ukraine?

No. The Apostille authority in Denmark is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Legalisation Office  See more here: Legalisation of Danish documents

11. How can I get a certificate of criminal record from Denmark?

If you are staying or have previously stayed in Denmark, you can request an international certificate of criminal record from the Danish Police. Please read more about the procedure here

The Embassy does not assist in getting a certificate of criminal record from Denmark.